Bathroom preview 

Who knew I’d be doing toilet talk with you all… 

But I just wanted to give you a small preview into our master bathroom! So our home has 3 full bathrooms. Two of those have bath tubs! Therefore whe opted out of having a master bathtub. I know I know, we’re totally weird! Honestly I never take baths. Half the time im rushing in and out of the shower everyday because my little munchkins need me and that’s ok!😊

Welcome to what has taken the master baths place: 

I’m still on the hunt for a comfortable chair in this space but this is the towel storage. It’s just perfect because it’s close to the shower (plus the photos of my cuties in the bubble bath are pretty cute).

From this space we have easy access to extra towels all while having something pretty to look at. Our shower is wonderfully large! It goes so deep that we do not need a door. Therefore this mama uses a baby gate to keep a certain little boy from walking into the shower with his cloths on. 😅

Originally I had three of these beautiful pottery barn lanterns but while moving into our home my son decided to remove the door on the third one causing the entire thing to break! At first I was bummed and a little mad at myself for not putting them up off the ground. But THEY ARE PERFECT HERE! And I can only fit two, so this is my pottery barn lanterns home.  

One thing you must know about me is I hate counter top clutter! Seriously even my kitchen is clutter free. This is when trays come in handy. It allows me to stay organized, it removes unwanted clutter all while looking so very pretty. I love a mirrored tray in the bathroom. This one I found at @rossdressforless not only is the Tray from there but also the hand towels, the soap dispenser and the little birch tree. Talk about one stop shop! 🤗

My favorite view has to be this right here! I love walking into our master bath and seeing this beautiful reflection. 

Even though we opted out of a tub in here it really is still my little oasis! All I need is a chair and I can lock the door, take my time getting ready and maybe read a good book in peace. That is if the hubs wants to take the babies for an hour… Or two! 🤓

  Hope you enjoyed my second blog EVER! Thanks for reading. 😊


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