A little free hand painting never hurt nobody. 


  Good morning. 

Today I’m sharing with you a preview of how my daughters bedroom come to life! 

Kids/baby rooms have to be my favorite rooms to decorate. No joke! The possibilities are endless and I feel I can really get creative in a child’s space. It’s as though you can break all the rules while decorating. Limitless. 

First we’ll start with the chalk painting of her furniture. Her bedroom set was given to us by her older cousin who was ready for a big girls room. The quality and detail on this bedroom set is wonderful. We’re so fortunate to have it! It was originally an off-white and I chalk painted it & antiqued it bright white.  You can kind of see in the photo below the old color hiding in the background of the dresser.

It was a long process actually! But so worth it. Every night I’d make my way to the cold garage and paint for an hour or so. I’m so incredibly pleased with how I turned out. 

When chalk painting I recommend a good quality chalk painting brush. If you buy cheap you get bristles coming off onto your paint! I used Martha Stewart’s and was very pleased with the quality. I used folk art chalk paint which can be found at Joan fabrics! It’s inexpensive, didn’t take much and it did the job just perfectly. I’m all about saving money! I only did two coats of chalk paint? Followed by the clear coat and antiquing. 

Now onto the MURAL! 

  I am by no means an artist. If anything I’d consider myself a little challenged in that area. No joke! My mother is a legit artist and seeing her art work over the years has inspired me! 

one day I walked Into her bedroom with a pencil and decided I’d draw a bending tree over her bed! Once that was done there was nothing stopping me from buying the paint and just going for it. I know nothing about proper painting techniques so if you get close enough you’ll see it’s not perfect! But perfect for a little girl who thinks her tree is AMAZING. 🙂 
Again I used folk art brand acrylic paint. This time I found it at my local Walmart. I mixed a brown with a light brown to give the tree some detail. 


 Once the mural was done I purchased scrap paper from Joan fabrics and made some 3D leaves.  So easy! Seriously this mural took me a couple days. 

The bird houses were from hobby lobby and I just painted them with some left over paint! 

Once the mural was complete I moved onto decorating. The pillows were all from Ross, the basket under her dresser was from Ross, her birdie lamp and her chunky owl were from Ross too! In fact her bedroom was my first Ross frsture! 

I collected all the frames over the years from different places and situated them around the mirror as best I could! It’s almost like a puzzle when making a collage around something large like a mirror. But I made do! 


I also chalk painted that tiny dolly chair and a baby crib with left over chalk paint! 

Enjoy your day & thanks for reading! 


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