Oh the places you’ll go 🌎

Once my daughter bedroom was completed and I was feeling confident I could do another mural, I moved on into my sons bedroom… 😊

Although free-hand drawing and painting a globe is far more difficult than a TREE like in his sister room. (See a few blog posts back)  After spending too much time attempting to free hand our own continent on the wall I realized I needed plan B. 

That Plan B was: a projector 😚

I had my scetch now I just needed to trace and paint! Which was actually really difficult to do… Seriously my hand was shaking and my legs wobbly! 

But so so worth it. 

 The color of acrylic paint I used is called “dolphin grey” I found it at Walmart and the brand is “Folk Art” I honestly only needed 4 small bottles! 

This is why I love DIYing my own murals. It may be time consuming but it’s SOOOOO much cheaper than vinyl stickers for the wall. Plus those take time to hang too! In my daughter nursery in our old home I used a vinyl tree and it took some serious time to stick on because it was so HUGE! Needless to say it also looked perfect & flawless. But… if you’re willing to spend the time and feel confident you can paint a tree or globe mural than I say, “go for it!” 🙌🏼 it’s really not that hard and very inexpensive.  

Once his mural was completed I realized the space needed something more! His bedroom is very neutral inspired and it just needed one More POP! ✈️ 

I was then on the hunt for hanging planes. The only ones I had LOVED were from pottery barn (of course. 😂) 

While at home goods the hubs and I found a bunch of vintage looking planes perfect for Russell’s room! Obviously if you’ve been following me long enough you know I like good deals! You CAN have beautiful things without paying so much! Why put yourself through that when you can save money and maybe find more to put in your shopping cart? 🤓

in this home goods shopping trip I was also able to get a few new pillows for our couches because the planes were so inexpensive! SCORE! 🙋🏼

The kiddos got to play with them while I put up the hooks to hang them! 

Hanging hooks is insanely easy! This is basically all you need out side of the anchors (I took this photo after they were already hammered into the ceiling) 

First: you find the correct drill bit size and drill where you wish to hang 

Second: you hammer in the plastic anchors 

Third: screw in the hooks 

And BAM! You’ve got hooks ready to hang your planes on. 

The good thing about hanging decor on the ceiling is you don’t have to level anything. 😂 seriously I suck at hanging photos and Wall-art. 

Recommendation; either stand back a bit or use protective eye ware when drilling and hammering into the ceiling. 


And last but not least you hang the planes. 

I used fishing wire and tripled the thread. Although because I’m a Spazz I think I might get chains! Because this freaks me out too much. Plus chains can look cool too. (In my opinion) 

But that’s it! Easy. 

Now go find a good deal and enjoy a little DIY. 😚

Thanks for reading! 


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