It’s all an illusion 

I’m sharing with you a post I never thought I’d share… 


Yes. Behind all of us “home decor bloggers” we have homes… And we live in our homes. We have pets, kids, & busy lives so you best believe our homes don’t always look the way we post them. At least mine isn’t any way. 🤓 

Let me give you an example:  

 Awe home. Perfect isn’t it? THINK AGAIN! When I take photos after the kids go to sleep/nap I angle my photos in such a way I can typically hide the fact that we LIVE HERE! 

Let me show you how it really looks:⬇️

We had lunch… You know, that’s what kitchens are for after all! 

I’ve had friends/family and followers ask me how I’m able to keep my home so perfect with kids and the “man child” and everyone thinks I’m some sort of wonder women when they see my posts. When in reality, I’m far from it! It’s all an illusion my friends. 💁🏼

I’ve got toys in the dining room… ⬆️

Toys in the loft… ⬇️

There’s even toys in the great room! ⬇️  
Half the time when I’m snapping pics real quick I’m either A) scooping up crushed crackers real fast or B) kicking a toy out of the way really fast to get “the perfect shot” that or I’m just angling the camera in such a way I can hide the fact that I nanny and have two toddlers of my own! 

You should have seen the mess behind me while I painted my kids’ murals! I do toy transitions where I hide away a toy and re-introduce it once the kidlets start getting bored. You best believe those toys were out when I was painting! (See previous blogs for murals) any ways… 

Let me show you more crazy:

It gets better… 

And honestly these pics have been far worse. I’m going easy on you! 😜

But want to know another secret? 

This: ⬇️ (not the tiger tent lol) 

That closet is a piece of heaven… That’s where all the toys are thrown before nap-time, bed-time, or when guests come over. When we built our home our stairs had to change! Our stairway was supposed to come out in two directions (the other being the entry way) but a calculation was missed so we have just the one! But as an outcome that closet is HUGE! It’s where all our electronics are for the tv and… Toys! 

Do I dare show you how it looks right after Christmas? 😱 ok… You better sit down. It’s horrific! 

I’m so sorry you had to see this. You can tell it was once very tidy. But Christmas came, then travel, & then then flue bug! 

But I’m so incredibly thankful it exists. 

Looking back: would I rather have two stair entrances or one giant closet? Hmmm  It’s a tough one. Ha! 

On a side note: the dishes are done everyday… Yes. I do vacuum everyday too and my bathrooms are pretty clean! So yes, I am clean and do get a little nuts with having clean things. But you best believe my home is lived in, my closets unorganized and quite frankly a little scary! 😅 
But Just go on back to thinking our home looks like this 24-7. 😂 



6 thoughts on “It’s all an illusion 

  1. I Loved this! I started following you this week and you are so right on. Our homes are ours to share with kiddos and hubbies, we need those catch all rooms. Hehe.
    Congratulations on your blog and I’ll be making sure to peek in here and IG when I get a few minutes to myself-like standing in the bathtub pretending to clean it and eat my secret stash of Chocolate behind the pastel owl shower curtain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BAHAHA! I love this. You literally made my “lol” with your chocolate comment! Literally walking in to read this I had snuck a piece of chocolate and told the kids it was my medicine! 😂🙌🏼 I’m so glad to have you following! 😘😍


  2. Thanks goodness you are human too! It is good to know my house is not the only one looking like it’s been taken over by the toy monster! I mean seriously it is amazing the mess a 3 year old can make in seconds! Your home is stunning nonetheless and I love following your IG and blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! YES! It happens so very quickly! I turn around and it looks as though a toy literally exploded. 🙃but us mommies definitely don’t mind! This shall pass and then it’s teens and all their sporting gear/video games and muddy shoes! HA! I’m so glad you enjoy my Instagram and blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read too! I greatly appreciate your support. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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