Building our family home

Today I’m sharing with you our home coming to life. 

Building our family home was so much fun. This is the first home we’ve ever built and boy was it exciting! I’d most definitely do it again in the future. Although just not this second because 1) I love our family home and 2) we’ve only been in here 8 months!

While our home was being built we lived with my in laws. With two babies, a dog & the hubs and I, it was hard living in someone else’s home but it was also very nice! Yes a family of 4 being crammed in one room was hard but on the bright side I had help with the kids, we saved money, they got to spend time with their grandparents and it was only a three minute drive and maybe a 10 minute walk to our now home! 

Almost everyday i would take the kids on a walk to the house to see its progress. And every time I went, I took photos! 

  I remember the excitement I felt when the shell was up and the windows installed. It made everything so real. But during this time is when things appeared to slow down. Electrical and everything else takes time! I swear our home looked like this ⬆️ for what seemed like decades. 

But in no time at all- it began to look more & more like home. 

Things began to move quickly once we reached this stage in building our home. 

Before we knew it, the walls were painted, trim installed and the floors layed out. This is most definitely the time I’d Swing by frequently. 

I’m sure I annoyed the workers with every time I would drive by. 😂 I tried not to make eye contact in hopes they would think it was someone else driving by. (In my mind I had them fooled) 😂

Needless to see I was annoying. LOL!

I chose just two paint colors in our home. (I know, I know so boring) but I like things easy & simple. I know I could easily add character to the bedrooms to give them their own sense of space. Which is exactly what I did in the all the bedrooms! 

The living areas color is called “canvas” from valspar paint. It seriously changes color depending on what time of day it is. It was supposed to have a more greenish tone to it but sometimes when the sun sets its more yellow/beige and In the night it looks almost brown. But I just love it! It was a safe color I could play with and decorate around. 

Here’s a better paint color view: ⬇️  
The ceilings I didn’t whiten up so much as you can see. The darker ceiling (in my opinion) added much needed warmth to this huge space! Let me tell you now, warming up a two story great room is NOT easy. But I feel I did a good job in creating a warm, inviting space. Before this room was painted it felt so big and cold! Even the man who painted our home said, “it doesn’t seem as big in here now” and I definitely took that as a compliment. 👍🏻

All of the bedrooms are painted grey. The color is called “elegance” from valspar. I feel grey is the new white. 😹 I can basically add anything into a grey room.  

Next we got countertops: ⬇️ 

The countertops were actually changed last minute! They called us in to review everything to make sure it was all correct and when we went in we upgraded to this countertop. Our old one had some reds in it and the more I looked at it the more I hated it! 

This one is called: Persa cara Velice and I’m in love with it! Plus it hides a sticky countertop. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But with kids… It’s a good thing. 😂 

We also decided on our butcher block last minute. It adds so much spunk and warmth to our kitchen. I’m obsessed with our butcher block! It’s from, “lumber liquidators” it’s oiled weekly to keep it in top top shape! 

Man I’m obsessed with adding warmth to my home aren’t I? 🤓

But before we knew it, our home was done and it was time to move in! 


Our home took around 6 months to complete and boy was it worth the wait. 

Want to know something that sucks? This: ⬇️

Ok. The Rock is beautiful! But we didn’t budget it in right away and lived here maybe a month or two before we had hired help to install the rock from floor to ceiling. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so as you can imagine- this space in our home drove me nuts! Our furniture was due to arrive a day after this was completed and I was going mad! My floors were a mess the kids and I were confined upstairs and my sanity with the echo of a staple gun reached its max! 

But so very worth it, right? 😎

Thank you for reading and for all your love and support as I’ve shared decorating our home with you! 😘

Have a great day!

– ashley 


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