Putting together gallery walls 

Today I’m sharing with you my own personal tips and tricks for organizing a gallery wall. 

I’m not a professional but I’m most definitely self taught and if you enjoy my home, blog and Instagram account then I’m hoping you’ll enjoy my tips as well! 

Gallery walls are harder than they appear. Believe me! I have a ton in my home. 

Today I’m going to walk you through different types of gallery walls all while sharing my own home photos. Yikes! It’s a lot easier to share others’ beautiful work. But you’ll have to settle for my own! 🙆 

Even though gallery walls appear random, they’re actually carefully crafted in such a way that they’re balanced by both weight and color. Some are the same balance while others are carefully mismatched. But Both are equally gorgeous! Just depends on the look you’re going for. 

First showing you an organized/collective gallery wall: ⬇️ my sons room. 

Notice how the frames all have something in common. they are all the same “type” of frame and yet completely different from one another. By doing this I’m setting the frames apart and yet bringing a common theme together.

 I also added in two key pieces that are by no means “like the rest” the letter for my sons name and the sign from @joanfabrics are two elements I brought in to add some character to the space. 

When it comes to frames I love the thrill of the hunt. Not knowing exactly how they’re all going to piece together but knowing they’ll find their way home! 😊

Here is a different take:  

Again this is collective gallery wall styling. I have two perfectly matched frames & yet they’re balanced between the mirror on the right. I’m tying these pieces together with the white coloring along the frames. Differing pieces and yet they come together.

Next it’s on to fun mismatched gallery walls. (Aka causal) Showing you my daughters room: 


If you’re going to go with all mismatched frames here is something you can follow: 

a) stick to just 3-4 different sized frames

b) make sure they’re balanced on each side (I have 3 on each) and balanced by size choice. 

c) make sure they have something in common. Such as a color. Notice mine are all white/beige. 

d) repeat sizes to keep common

e) try & hang them the same distance apart from one another

Here’s a close up ⬇️


Creating a collage around something large like a mirror can be tricky! And believe me I moved these frames around a lot before I finally settled. 

If you’re going around a large piece like a mirror, start from the ends and work your way in. Again try to keep both sides “balanced” and try to tie them in with what’s in the center. For example my daughters mirror is white. Therefore my beige and white mismatched frames tie into the detail around the mirror. Still in sync with the color scheme. 

One thing I didn’t do (that is fun to do) is adding in different shaped frames. I’m sure an oval of circular frame would have looked lovely in this casual setup I created in my daughters room. 

Also make sure you just have fun with it! Don’t over-think it. I’ve noticed it’s ok to walk away for a bit and see if you can accept the way you have built your gallery wall. I did that in my daughters room myself because I just wasn’t content until I re-situated it to the way I posted above.  

In conclusion; HAVE FUN! 

This is my home and my space. I personally created these gallery walls so If you like the way I do things in my home than I’m sure you’ll enjoy my own personal advice!  I hope I can help someone struggling to put a space together in their home. 

Tip: (you can find this on Pinterest) trace your frames with paper, then tape them onto the wall so you can get a visual of how you want things to be placed. This way you can easily moving things around to your liking without putting holes in the wall like I didn’t. HA!

Thanks for reading! 

– ashley 


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