5 ways to style a tray 

Do you have that one decor piece in your home that you can just use over & over? For any season? I do too! Mine is most definitely my $22.99 @Rossdressforless tray. ⬇️

Found this a couple years ago and had actually put it in my shopping cart, then put it back! 😱 THANK GOODNESS I turned the cart around and went back for it. Because it’s my most used tray. 

I’m pretty sure I’m THE only person with an Instagram decor account that does not own a dough bowl. Although I REALLY want one! But for now this beautiful tray has been my vignette buddy. 

First I’m going to share with you some Fall pumpkin love! ⬇️

This is my first ever vignette. 💁🏼 

I live in a small down that doesn’t have tiny white pumpkins almost all season! So instead I had bought some orange ones and painted them with some left over paint I had from my daughters tree mural. SCORE! 🙌🏼 Next I added some baby pine cones I picked up from the park and added some Walmart foliage. I’m hoping I can fill this with REAL pumpkins this year. Come on small town! Where’s the pumpkins?! 😜

Next we move onto Christmas… 

This time around I added a candle into the mix. I had some left over frosted pine foliage I had found at Michaels and popped a tea candle into my @hobbylobby candle holder. This took me literally 3 minutes to throw together. It was just a matter of bending the greenery around the candle! 

And if you know me by now- you know I LOVE shopping around my own home for things I already own! 

Which is what I did here again: ⬇️

I’ve been moving my @walmart leaves around A TON this winter! When I created this vignette I thought;

 Do I have a candle? ✔️ winter floral? ✔️ pine cones? ✔️ and well… There ya go!

Seriously so easy. 

But these beautiful, cheap and easy vignettes are not all this tray is good for… 

Sharing with you something I haven’t shared on my decor page: ⬇️

It’s PERFECT for lettuce wraps and displaying food! It can handle heat and is super duper easy to clean! 

Oh and a Cobb salad looks AMAZING in it ⬇️  

Now I’m by no means about to come out and start blogging about food! In fact I’m NOT a very good cook. 😂

I’m all about finding recipes and following them. 

But I do enjoy making food presentable and beautiful! That’s something you may not know about me! I love pretty FOOD! 😋

But These are the reasons I LOVE my Ross tray! 

Now go hunt for one and have some unlimited fun. ☺️ 

Thanks for reading! 

– ashley 

Ps:we throw fruit in ours too! 


4 thoughts on “5 ways to style a tray 

  1. I am loving your new blog and your Instagram has always been one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing your home with us and all the good tips on decorating! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ashley, thanks for connecting with us on Instagram. Now I’m all hooked to your blog! OMG, are all these photos of your home? I just recently bought a home (finally!) but I still have all the white walls untouched and everywhere still pretty bare. But now, I think I am getting more inspiration from you. Starting with this perfect idea of how to use a tray. Thanks for this beautiful blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you so so much!! I’m so glad I can spread some inspiration to others. ☺️It’s so much fun! They’re all in our home and it’s a blast. How exciting you just Bought a house and get to decorate it! Have so much fun!!!! 🙂✨💕


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