The 5 minute table setting 

Ok. Let’s face it. Sometimes we spent a lot of time putting together the perfect tablescape! I know I did this Christmas. I was constantly moving things around on my table. 

Literally id walk through the dining room with a heavy laundry basket and would stop dead in my tracks, stair at my table, then move something! Finally I got to the point where I was satisfied. Granted this tablescape was my very first so of course i was always tweaking it. ⬇️  
It was my first time having company over for Christmas too and it just had to be fun & perfect. 

But today I threw a little something together that literally took me 5 minutes & you can too! 🙌🏼 

My chargers are from @wayfair. I purchased them because they can be used in any and all seasons! If you’re going to invest in tableware my first advice would be this; 

1️⃣ invest in timeless decor pieces 

2️⃣ pick pieces that can be used in differing seasons so you’re not out spending more money than you have to 

3️⃣ lastly invest in neutral tableware. You can always add in seasonal pops here and there (whenever the mood strikes!) 

My China is very simple and yet I can use it time & time again BECAUSE of that!  

I go from Christmas and transition easily into just winter decor by just moving things around and adding in a few new pieces. 


 I plan on using the same chargers, China, silverware and ribbon this spring! 

Therefore it only takes me minutes to throw this together. Once you have the pieces you can use time and time again- you can create almost anything without breaking the bank. 🤗 

Today, I walked in the door and created my winter tablesetting in 5 minutes. I had all the bones, now it was just a matter of playing! 😘 

I walked out front with some scissors and chopped off a few pine needles, grabbed some pine cones from my collection and cut some ribbon I had laying around. With that I was able to create a Wintery & nature inspired table. 

In conclusion; think about purchasing timeless, neutral and pieces that can go along with almos any season! 

Oh! And have fun! That’s what’s it’s supposed to be all about. Being creative in our homes. 


– ashley 


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