Play storage mural 

Ok. Yes this is my THIRD mural in our home. 💁🏼 but honestly I enjoy it so much & am so thankful I have a supportive husband who lets me get creative. Plus the kids LOVE it! My 3 year old daughter kept coming up to me saying, “good job mom! Dada look! Mommies painting for us!” 

I knew the moment our home was being built that I HAD to make this play storage closet into something more than just a place to throw toys and finally that vision has come to life. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration! What’s more fun is making it my own. 

The bottom portion is all chalk board paint found at @acehardware. It took about two-three coats. See below ⬇️

I first used a brush to get the outline and then finished the last costs with the roller to get a smooth finish. 

Next I painted the mountains! 

All of the paint I got at Ace Hardware. For one 16oz it was only 1.99! They were running a special so I figured I’d just use regular wall paint. 

Next I painted the wall white. Which took 3 layers 😮 but worth it! 

After this was done I touched up the tops of the mountains 

Then it was onto hunting for a moon! I was about to grab a real plate from my cabinet until I realized it may be safer to use a paper plate to get the perfect circle. Knowing me- I’d drop one of my beautiful blue plates. 🤓

Following this I cut out a small triangle with paper and began making the blended “stars” 

I traced these randomly along the wall. Then filled them in! 

And within a couple days I created a fun storage play-room space for the kids to enjoy! 

Now go get some paint from Ace Hardware and have some fun! I better go buy some canvases because I’m most definitely running out of walls to paint. 😅

Enjoy & thanks for reading! 

– Ashley 



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