Kitchen Tour 

Greetings & thank you for taking the time to read. If you’re building or just love home design then come step inside my kitchen and what inspired me to create the warm white kitchen I created when we built our home.   
Welcome to the kitchen nook. Honestly I hate our “too tall bar table” but when we were newlyweds with a kitchen nook that, was just too tiny, we had to find something that would work in our old home. At some point I’d like to give this table the boot! 

The kids table is the most convenient thing EVER & I’m so greatful it fits here. Helps keep the messes under control. 💁🏼  

My latest obsession in my kitchen most definitely has to be my white vintage scale.  

Next around the corner is this view ⬇️ 

Yes the toy closet is open to the right… And the “fan-tube” still needs to be covered (I don’t know the terminology for that. BAHA!) but welcome to our kitchen! Seriously I think we spend more time in here than anywhere else in the house. 

If you’ve followed me long enough you know I have a slight obsession with warming things up in my home. It was my number one goal! I wanted to create a warm-inviting space for friends & family. I also had a large great room that was honestly challenging to warm up. But it was my goal! 🙋🏼 so if you go to my Instagram page you typically are greated with all things warm & sunny. But that’s just me!  

Our walnut butcher block island was a last minute decision on my husband and I’s part. We got ours from Lumber Liquidators. After much thought we realized we needed some sort of “pop” in our kitchen. We were moments away from just throwing more granite on top until we got on Pinterest. 😂 I am sooo thankful we went for the butcher block. It’s easy maintenance and looks beautiful. Oh and that side plug in is the bomb diggity. 

 While we’re on the topic of counter tops this is our granite! We were called back into cost-less carpet to review everything before they sent us our supply of interiors. When we went back in I starred at our granite and decided quickly I hated it! We changed our granite to this one. It’s called persa caravella. I’m so glad we updated! 

One of my favorite house views has to be the above photo. When I’m cooking dinner my daughter loves sitting up here crafting and I have a perfect view into the great room. Our youngest little man is typically up to SOMETHING so this open concept living was a must for us. This particular space is what drew us to this house plan.  

Chairs were a wonderful house warming gift from my sister in law. They’re just perfect here! They are from World Market. As you may already know- I love blue! I may be a little obsessed actually. 😜

Any ways moving on to the stove: 

Instead of getting a double oven we decided to get the stove top water faucet. When we put this in others had told us that they too had this installed but that they never use it! So I started to wish we got the double ovens… BUT let me tell you, I’m always using this thing! No joke! Not only is the water pressure so great that I can quickly fill up pots, but it’s perfect for filling the large dog bowl and… Summer water balloons. 💁🏼 seriously I just love this thing. But double ovens would have been awesome too. Ha!  

One of my biggest regrets was not thinking about our kitchen more. When we picked out cabinets I didn’t even think of adding a VENT! I regret it to this day but still love our kitchen regardless. There’s a lot to think about when building a home.  I suppose in the next house I’ll make sure a beautiful vent is installed.   

That and I wish the fridge was wrapped with trim work. But we can’t have everything, right? Oh! Welcome to my little coffee corner. Mamas favorite. 💁🏼

 That and my glass display cabinets. Oh I just love them so so much! 

Another thing I love about our kitchen are the soft closing drawers. However I find myself accidentally slamming my friends and families cabinets because I forget that not all of them are soft-close.

Yikes! I’m aware this isn’t the best/most organized drawer. HA! But you like the hardware? 
It’s Allen & Roth and I found them at “Lowes” so here’s the story behind those: 

As you can see there is hardly a gap between the drawers and cabinets. It was my own personal choice! But things started to speed up on the building process so I grabbed the kids and drove 30 minutes in one direction to our closest lowes and they were just barely short of the supply I needed for the entire house. So the kids and I drove almost an hour in a half in the opposite direction to go to a different lowes. Thank goodness! That night the hubs installed the knobs. Phew! But I just adore them so much. 

Word of advice: maybe do online shopping. Just saying… 😂

So this happened while I was busy taking pictures for you all. But I just love it! ⬇️  

Plus it gives you another closeup to our hardware. I know bronze is “in” but I love ours. 

Now let’s talk about trash… Fun right?   
I honestly didn’t know this came with the cabinetry until it was installed! But seriously BEST. THING. EVER!   

Don’t worry I took the dirty diapers out to the trash before sharing this with you. You’re welcome my friends! Hehe 🙋🏼


Sharing with you the garage entry/pantry/dining room entrance. I refuse to open the pantry for you just yet. Maybe this summer I’ll get organize happy and share that with you! For for now it’s a very very scary place. Believe me. 

Behind me is This view ⬇️ the garage entry and laundry room. 

Now onto the sink: ⬇️ 

 Yes that is a hair band holding the knobs closed. I should have removed that before taking photos. Meh! 

Welcome to my farm-house apron sink. I know my home is not “farmsy” or “vintage inspired” but I do have a vintage scale! So therefore I can have this sink. HAHA! I don’t know what it was- but I had to have it.  

Oh and hello dishwasher! I’ve had a few followers ask about our flooring and what it was called so here it is: it’s called Vermont Barnwood. And yes that’s a Cheerio under the sink. 

Can’t win em all! 

This went on while I took pictures for you also: 

But that’s true life my friends! It may not be perfect- but it’s perfect for us and a beautiful blessing indeed. ❤️ the toy storage play closet can be seen one blog post down. 

Thank you for reading! 

– Ashley 





11 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour 

    1. Thank you!! 😘❤️ the color is from valspar and it’s called, “canvas” it almost has a greenish tint to it but changes color depending on what time of the day it is. Some days it’s beige looking, others yellow and sometimes more green! I love it!?😚


      1. Oh awesome! I really like them! They’re still new to us already also but I love the freezer under the fridge. Great storage and every thing seems to work great! Stove tops a little slow to preheat I’d say but that probably because it’s electric and not gas. HAHA 😚🤗


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