Kitchen madness 

Good day my sweet followers! 

I know I have basically TWO kitchen related blog posts back to back now. But this ones a little different. Sure it’s considered a tour BUT just in a different way. 

I’ve had friends and followers ask me how I’m able to keep my kitchen counters so clean and well… Everything so clean with two small children (+2 more 4 times a week) and honestly it isn’t always perfect like what you see in the photos BUT I definitely have tricks that have helped me a ton being as busy as I am! 

I’m going to share just some of these with you. 

First and foremost let’s talk about countertop clutter. It’s so easy to get clutter happy in our kitchens because we frequent them so often. In this case I am extremely thankful for atequate storage in my kitchen. Therefore, my blenders, toasters and other such machines can be stowed away, either in my pantry or within my cabinetry. Take my toaster for example: 

This little guy has his own little compartment and I just LOVE not having it on the counter. It’s easy to take out and put away when I’m done with it. And yes. I’m aware he needs to be wiped down. Not sure why I’m calling my toaster a “he” either. 🤔

Any ways: 

Next let’s talk about paper towels. 

For one thing they’re the biggest eye sore to me and yet I depend upon them SO much with young children. BUT I’ve had to break away from being so dependent on them over the years. Because 1) they get expensive when you use them so much and 2) they’re not the greatest for the environment. With every tear on the roll I can hear a tree screaming. 😂 now I’m not a tree hugger but there’s really no need to use them so frequently. In order to cut back and not reach for them right away I store them here: 

Easy access from the sink if I DO IN FACT need them. 


Therefore. I’m not subconsciously reaching for them with wet hands! And That’s where these come into play ⤵️

And this kitchen vignette ⤵️

You can buy those tiny white hand/bar towels in bulk at your local Walmart! I use them to dry my hands, wipe dirty sticky faces, to wipe down around the sink and I can use them over and over! I even clean up craft paint messes and play dough fingers because I can collect them all at the end of the week and wash them in a bunch of bleach! Plus I bought two large packs so I basically always have clean towels on hand to roll back up nicely on my kitchen pedistal. 💁🏼 if they get stained up- no biggy! 

Going back to counter top clutter. 

Trays… Trays… Oh how I love you! Trays are the best way to organize “things” so your… Well… Things aren’t EVERYWHERE! 

Now I now this doesn’t hold kitchen necessities BUT I still love kitchen decor. And what better way to organize that decor then with trays. These are also great for putting necessities On. Like your bowl of utensils, knives, coffee related things, you name it!  I just chose to make mine into a little decorative vignette. 

Another way to remove clutter is by pairing things together. 

All my MUST HAVES in one place next to my stove between my sink. 

My coffee bar is the lamest of them all. But the cups are happily stowed away in the cabinet above. Therefore I can keep my countertops free and open. Which is how I just love them! 

And last but not least my crate & barrel basket I’m kind of obsessed with. Because my kitchen scale even needs a home. 

So there ya have it! That’s how I keep my countertops free of clutter all while not getting too paper towel happy. 💁🏼 

Have a wonderful day! 

If you want to see my house all “lived in” you must read my blog post, “it’s all an illusion” I also have a full kitchen tour one blog post down from this one. 


– Ashley 


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