Loft play storage mural 

So after completing my third wall mural in the play storage closet downstairs I told myself that, that was probably my last and final mural! Then I decided I wanted the loft to look… A little more presentable rather than a large play space with a pool table. I wanted this space to be welcoming to both the kids and us adults! After-all we do spend a lot of time upstairs too. 

So in this lies my FOURTH wall mural. 💁🏼

 I decided to take out all the random things and remove them from the walk-in closet upstairs. In doing this I created another toy storage closet. Bye bye toys everywhere! 

I figure as the kids get older I can store art things in here along with video games and books. Why not put this awesome space to good use! 

Once again I always have my little Helpers/audience. 

First let’s start with paint color! These paints pictured below are the exact same colors I used for my daughters bedroom mural (see blog posts for details on her bedroom mural). By mixing and playing around with them I can use them again creating an entirely different space. 

I typically use acrylic paint for my murals. Although the storage closet down stairs was actually done in regular wall paint and chalk board paint because my local ace hardware was having an awesome sale! 

Now Let’s talk tree trunks! 

First and foremost I went in with a pencil and hand drew my creation. Then I used my nutmeg brown and painted the trunks starting from the sides. 

Next I mixed white and beachcomber beige to create the color i wanted for the neutral inspired tree tops. 

These are the only two brushes I used. One for outlining and one for filling! 


And BAM! You have a 30 minute closet storage mural. 

Kids love it. Mom had a fun time. And it was easy breezy! 

Thanks for reading! 

Be sure to check out my other murals. You’ll find all of them within my blog. 

I think this was the easiest one yet! ❤️

– Ashley 


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