Bathroom tour round 2

So we have three full bathrooms in our home. One of those is obviously our masterbath (which I’ve given a tour of previously). And the other two are the kids/guest bathrooms! I never photograph them because they’re nothing compared to the masterbath and I have ideas still in these spaces. 😚 but I wanted to share them with you regardles.

You all know id like to do a full house tour on the blog someday but for now I’ll narrow my blog posts to one space/theme at a time. 🙂 

Sharing with you first; my daughters bathroom/guest bath. 

To the right of this bathroom is my daughters room 

Not only is this bathroom hers but it’s also our main story guest bathroom. 

As you can imagine this was is the most used… Not only that but I have a lot of pressure to keep it sparking because it’s the bathroom we use so often. Sorry for the bad photo glare. Sometimes the sun works with you and other times it’s downright rude 🤓 

But regardles, welcome!!  

Im all about staying real here- the potty stool is basically always there. 

I chose white shower curtains in both my daughters bath and my sons. I just love simplicity if you haven’t noticed already. I know my kids’ bedrooms & play spaces are a little louder with their murals but even still those are very neutral inspired. I like things clean and simple. 

Now I dont always have fresh flowers I promise!  but when your floral arrangement is struggling and you purchase a new one- the old ones get spread around the house in fresh water. Mine end up in the guest bathrooms/kids bathrooms. Fancy ha? 😜 

Even though this is my daughters bathroom, it’s still also the guest bathroom right outside the kitchen nook/great room. So I still try to keep things tidy and most definitely take advantage of storage. All my daughters hair things, hair brushes and tooth brushes are all stowed away so I can appear to my guests that I have my “stuff together” when in reality I’m a hot-mess mom. 😜

For example I have a potty chair both upstairs and downstairs. My 3 year old knows that when she has to go potty she opens the second drawer down to get her seat and even puts it away when she’s done! My almost 2 year old son has been doing the same. I start them into the habit and away they go! We’ve got Mickey Mouse upstairs and Elmo downstairs but know one has to know. HA! Thank goodness for STORAGE! 

This little glass fish my sweet mother in law found for me at @tjmax! She told me about it and immediately I fell in love! That next day she bought it for me (HOW SWEET!!) I’m kind of obsessed with it. 💁🏼


And last but not lease a preview of the tile work in the tub/shower. 

Moving into my sons bathroom/guest bath: 

This bathroom is open to the loft upstairs. It’s neighboring the guest room but my sons room is right across the way! 

Guest room to the left of this photo 


Yes… More flowers! I don’t do this all the time, I promise! 

As most of you are aware I nanny/take care of two other sweet munchkins 4x week and on top of that I coach xc and track at our high school. When I leave for practice my baby sitter usually hangs out up in the loft with the kids for a couple hours. So I have these hand towels available for sticky snack faces and everything else! It’s very practical right now. 

If you read my last blog you know I HATE wasting paper towels! ☺️ 

My “rarely used shower” is to the left 

Same tile work as his sisters bath. 

Any ways I have a theme in this bathroom but Since it’s used mainly for guests right now with my son only being 22 months old I have the theme stored beneath in the cabinetry. That theme is MUSTACHES! I know I know, totally rediculous but oh-so fun! 

I’m going to try and continue sharing these other two spaces with you as the kids grow. But for now they’re lame and I’d like to think still very inviting. 💁🏼

Any ways, thanks for reading! 

Take advantage of your storage if you have potty chairs and use wash cloths to save on paper towels! 😜 

Have a good one and thanks for reading! 

– ashley 


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