Instagram editing 

Good day sweet friends! 

Today I’m writing to you about editing Instagram photos without using an overbearing filter. 

Instagram filters are GREAT for selfies but not so much for home decor photos. Well mine any way. 

When using a filter it can sometimes take away from true coloring. When I share pictures of my home I want them to be as real as can be! You ask me about paint colors, flooring type, and other such home decor items. In this I want you to get true colors. I’d hate to tell you my wall paint color only to have you head over to lowes and find it to be completely different as advertised on my Instagram account. Filters alter paint colors Even more-so then any other thing in my personal opinion. 
One thing you may notice about everyone’s home decor accounts is that there seems to be a common theme or personality to each blogger. When you open some accounts you’re greated with greys, some blues and some yellows! We all edit in our own way and decorate in our own way too thus separating us from one another. 

Want to know my secret editing technique all while not changing the entire look to my home? It’s called brightening my photos! I’m so glad you can do this through Instagram now without having to first edit the photo elsewhere. 

Here is my unedited great room photo: 

Taken with my iPhone 

Coloring is blah and the Suns just a weeee bit overbearing.

Here’s what I do: 

I first go to that little “wrench” icon and select brightness. 

I then move that little dot to the right to find the right “fit” 

 Once that is completed I usually then focus on highlights. At times the sun can be overbearing and take away from the photo with its glare. In this I’ll tone down my highlights which can make my windows a little more “clear.”


Once this is done… Well I don’t typically alter it any more! 

End result: 

My wall colors have not turned grey or yellow (by using a full filter) but I have given you a true, bright and eye-catching photo. 

If you scroll through my feed you’re typically greated with every photo, regardless of the room, appearing this way. 

In doing this I give you a “true” view all while giving you more to look at and focus on!

Plus an I phone picture never does a space justice! In my eyes my pictures appear how I edit them! No joke! Cameras cause glare, and shadows to pop up where you wouldn’t notice them by just looking at my great room. 

I like keepin it real folks! 

Have you ever tried taking a picture of a sunset and then getting home only to realize that the I phone didn’t do it justice? Yeah that’s how I feel before I tweak my photos. Ha! 

How you’re having a fabulous day. 

– ashley 


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