Under construction loft

There’s 3 spaces in our home I NEVER share. One being the gym, one being the laundry room and the other being the loft upstairs! I’ve showed you balcony views- but never a full tour. 

My reason being is 1) I have no curtains, 2) I HATE our ottoman and 3) it’s basically the kids corner. 

But in time this area will be “revamped” slowely.

 I want so badly to get rid of our storage ottoman but it’s soooo nice with toddlers. They crawl all over it, spill things on it and they love to crawl inside of the storage sections! I even have blankets stored in there and stuffed animals.  It’s just so convenient. 🤔 

Let me begin by walking you up our stairs. ⬇️ 


Welcome to the space I never share.🤗


Turning left takes you into my sons bedroom. Balcony overlooking the kitchen. 


Looking at this photo I’m just NOW realizing I may have a crooked picture. 🙈 I think it’s just a little too easy for a certain little boy to touch now! Psshh can’t win em’ all. 

Now taking you out of my sons room ⬇️

You’ve all seen his room a billion times! But you’re more than welcome to hunt through my blog posts to see more of this bedroom. 

Now showing you outside my sons room looking into the guestroom and bathroom. Oh! Hello pool table we never use. 💁🏼 #hubshadtohaveit 

The guest room is the smallest bedroom in our house. We decided our growing kids and all their STUFF needed the large rooms! Even though this ones closest to the bathroom upstairs we still decided to give our little man the larger bedroom upstairs PLUS I didn’t want my babies bedroom windows facing the front of the house. Yes… I’m weird! And since we had the opportunity to personslize our home and do whatever we wanted with it, that was just one of the things on my “list” 😂

Any ways, welcome to my sons bathroom/guest bathroom. ⬇️  
Yes. I’m aware there are no KNOBS! But I did this on purpose. 😂 my babies closets and this bathroom do NOT have knobs. The knobs are located downstairs stowed away in our laundry room! Reason being: keep the tots out! I figure, why not just wait and put them on when they’re older? Plus it’s safer and keeps the littles from reorganizing my drawers. 💁🏼 

Annnyyy wayyyss… Taking you to the DREADED ottoman. ⬇️😳


So… I’m not proud of it. BUT the loft is THE most comfortable space and the best quality couch in the house too! Yikes I need curtains! 


Seriously we all love spending time up here. Plus its THE perfect space to display my babies’ art work! 

Next taking you into the toy storage closet:⬇️

So thankful for STORAGE! Plus I’m thankful for closets I can paint. 😜😇 this closet wraps around to the left where there is built-in shelving full of toys! 

So there ya have it! 

As a home decor blogger I always love presenting you with beautiful spaces, views and angles. However it’s also fun showing you around my world! Both finished and not finished. It just gives me more to SHOW you over-time. Updating spaces here and there is my favorite any way. 💕

Hope you enjoyed! 

One day… ONE DAY… I’ll show you the gym. ⬇️

Which is Located in those double doors. ⤴️ but for now I’ll stick with sharing the loft with you. 😛 

Enjoy your beautiful day!


8 thoughts on “Under construction loft

  1. I think this space is amazing! And PS the ottoman is not so bad. We have one similar and the storage is great to hide toys quickly so it stays 🙂 I just love your home and love when you share “new spaces” It is fun to see! Your home is beautiful and keep sharing your wonderful spaces.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you so much!! It’s so convenient! It may have some water damage from spills I was unaware of but its holding up with duties! I keep thinking I’ll get rid of it and maybe paint an older piece but it’s so nice not caring about it when something happens to it! HAHA! 😂 I figure I’d let it run its course for as long as I can. Thank you so so much for taking the time to read my blog post and for your sweet comment. I love sharing with you guys! 🙆 I hope you have a wonderful Monday.


  2. We all need spaces where we can “live”, this may not be your normally beautifully decorated room…but with two small sons, they need places where they can be messy and little boys. It’s more of a “normal” room, but nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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