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Milton & King wallpaper 

Hello friends! I very seldom share photos of my entryway. It’s large and very open (too large in my opinion) and it felt absolutely BORING to me! 

But wallpaper saved the day! I officially smile every time I walk out of our masterbedroom (behind me in this photo) and see this gorgeous space. 

I was looking for some sort of SOMETHING without going “over the top” and when I found this particular wall paper from Milton & King my jaw dropped and I knew immediately it was meant to be! They have soooo many gorgeous options to choose from in so many differing styles. A wall covering for everyone! 

You can shop their wall coverings by clicking here: Milton & King

Knowing already that I wanted THAT wallpaper I began thinking about where exactly I wanted it! Did I want to do both sections on my stairs or just do the bottom leaving it the focal or accent point? After talking to a fellow home decor blogger I decided to just do the lower section and paint the upper section by my photo frames, a lighter color. I have yet to get my tooshie to the store for paint (2 kids of my own and watching 2 others four times a week in my home makes leaving the house out of the question. HAHA!) 

But even just as its pictured above, it looks great. I’m very pleased and love the design.

There’s various ways to apply wall paper but I chose to follow their video which can be watched here: Wall paper application HIGHLY RECOMMEND 🙋🏼 it’s great. 

First and foremost CLEAN the wall with a wet rag getting rid of any dust and dirt (which there’s a lot of that by the front door. 😳) let the wall dry completely and be sure to smooth out any holes or rough areas to get the smoothest installation. Then measure out your wall paper being sure to leave a few extra inches to cut after you’ve applied it to your wall. You’ll want that overhang! 

I then rolled my cut/measured wallpaper piece in the opposite direction to get better control when applying it to the wall. It really wants to keep its curled up shape.

Then I took my wall paper glue from Lowes and brushed directly onto the section I was applying first. You can paint directly on the wall OR on the back of the paper. I chose to apply to the glue onto the wall first. 

Here’s what I used aside from my paint brush and scissors! 

Now let’s get back to this wall paper talk… 

Don’t mind the mess! I started with the easy side and worked my way down to the slanted Area. 

When you apply your wall paper; start at the top and use your “smoothing tool” to push all the air bubbles and anything else down! That tool was my fave! I used it to push the paper into the trim which allowed me to cut those extra 3″ off relatively easy. Plus it’ll make a line on the paper showing where to trim. But the video had a far better way of trimming The paper than I did. 

If it’s not laid how you wanted you CAN remove it right away and place it where you wanted. It’ll still be wet enough. 

Repeat onto the next space and keep the PATTERN! Cut and measure it accordingly so that you can match up it properly. The spaces should not overlap nor should there be a gap. This can get tricky! 🙈 But this wallpaper is pretty easy to handle. So It’s awesome! 

I’d say that if you’re inexperienced with wall paper like myself- an extra person to help is smart! I did it on my own but I also didn’t have to apply paper high up onto the ceiling of a regular sized wall. So that made it ok to do on my own. 

Next: measure space number three and lightly pencil in where you’re applying the glue at! 

Repeat all the steps and BAM! You’ve got one awesome wall paper accent wall! 

I love what it’s done to our entryway and only took me a nap and a half. 🙆 such a fun way to completely transform any space. 



5 thoughts on “Milton & King wallpaper 

  1. I love this! I’m new to your blog, I have a question, what’s the color of your walls? Also, my entrance has carpet 😦 and i ca not wait to get rid of It and continue the hard wood floors through out the main level, would you recommend having a console table similar to yours on the carpet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh totally! I LOVE console tables! Especially in an entry way. That way when you do make the switch from carpet to wood you’ll have that con old table still to play around with! I love this one because it’s light weight so i can move it around a lot! 🙂 the wall color is called “weathered canvas” from valspar. I love it! What made me attracted to it is that it has a hint of green in it. Depending on the time of day I swear it changes color but I love how warm it is and very easy to decorate around! Hope you have a great day and feel free to message me photos of your entry way! I love any and all things decor. Haha! Have a great day.


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