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Styling kitchen glass display

Let’s face it… Styling book shelves, book cases, dish display pieces or kitchen display cabinets, can be tricky! It’s extremely easy to fall into the “clutter trap.”  I’ve been there!  Before you get started- clean out your shelving completely. Also it’s good to dust up there every now and then. ūüėā I’ve already done it… Continue reading Styling kitchen glass display


Starting an Instagram decor page

Alrighty friends… Believe it or not I had an Instagram page when my home was being built called “MyHouseAdventures”. Initially I created it to share photos of our homes progress for close friends and family. In doing that I stumbled up this unique Instagram community.  After following some of my favorite feeds I decided i… Continue reading Starting an Instagram decor page

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What’s a Vignette?!¬†

Ok… Let’s face it. Unless you’re an interior designer or have been a home decor enthusiast for quite a while, you’re probably wondering, “what the juice is a vignette?!” And may or may not pronounce it correctly.  The definition:  “In the world of interior design, a vignette is a small, pleasing picture formed by grouping… Continue reading What’s a Vignette?!¬†