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Styling kitchen glass display

Let’s face it…

Styling book shelves, book cases, dish display pieces or kitchen display cabinets, can be tricky! It’s extremely easy to fall into the “clutter trap.” 

I’ve been there! 
Before you get started- clean out your shelving completely. Also it’s good to dust up there every now and then. 😂 I’ve already done it a few times myself; where ill take EVERYTHING off and start fresh again. 

Now that you’ve done that- Let’s talk display cabinets! 

In spaces like these it’s hard because we can really only display “smaller things” which can sometimes cause us to get clutter happy. Trust me it happens to us all. 

As your begin filling your cabinetry think: simplicity simplicity simplicity… 

You truly don’t need to display all the “things”. Trust me! 

Plates in kitchen glass display cabinets are a given. I store mine on the lower section as we frequent them the most and they’re heavier! I don’t want to have to get a stool out every time I need a dish or wind up breaking one because I’m having to reach up too far to get one!

With this: find dishes you’re proud of. Proud to display. Mine go along perfectly in my chosen color theme. Found mine years ago from Home Goods! 

You can shop a similar style here: Blue dishes

Which brings me to my next point! Pick a color combination and stick to it! It’ll really help to pull everything together. 

Collect objects of similar style, type or color. 

Take notes from around your kitchen. For me- I display blues a lot. You’ll want your display cabinets to tie in with the space around it. 

Don’t be afraid to layer a coupe things. Those white dishes on the bottom are the same color- therefore It doesn’t look cluttered or messy by “grouping them.” In other words, Group them as you would your glasses. 

Now let’s talk balance…


In referring to balance in decor think of it as a scale. 

You balance a scale by not putting too much onto one side. What you do to one side- do to the other. 

In other words- don’t put everything onto one side and then one tiny object on the other. The more you play with it- the more you’ll get the hang of it! Let’s say I piled ALL of my plates onto the left side and put maybe one coffee cup on the other- my scale would heavily crash to the left. 

See what I’m sayin’?

You’ll get the hang of it I promise! 

In conclusion; don’t feel like everything has to be displayed all together, choose colors that tie into the rest of your kitchen/space, pick a common color that coordinates well with your cabinetry decor, balance your items and don’t forget to take a step back to admire your beautiful creation! 

And when the mood strikes- rearrange all the things AGAIN! ☺️ #storyofmylife 

Have a beautiful day. 

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2 thoughts on “Styling kitchen glass display

  1. Not only do I love your kitchen, but I love your stool! Where did you get it? I have a toddler and am having a hard time finding a stool like that!

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