Creating a tablescape


They don’t have to be SO challenging. Although there have been plenty of nap times where I’ve spend my time putting a tablescape together, taking a billion pictures, and then DELETING them because they just didn’t make the “cut” nor did the tablescape. But practice makes perfect, friends and your creations can only get better and better. So keep on creating!

 I know I’ve blogged about the “5 minute table setting” and how to set a table without spending a lot of money and I STILL use this tool I shared with you all.

But first let’s talk about that centerpiece. 

The centerpiece is supposed to be the “woo factor” the place in which your eyes first focus in on. It’s supposed to be the show stopper… Well Initially. Then your eyes make the rounds, taking in all the beauty before you. 

When making a centerpiece- Fill it with layers, textures and maybe even a pop of color. You can use a tray, bowl or some sort of item. This makes it easy-breezy to play off of. This creation in particular was one I thought about while laying in bed unable to sleep one night. All I could think about was, “man that wreath would be AUHMAZINGGG in my large tray from Pier1.” And it did!

You can find the large round tray by clicking here: Round serving tray (might I add it’s on clearance! 

The wreath from here: Wreath

Whether you choose to use real or faux foliage- make it bold! Why not? 

Once your centerpiece is finished- think about its wings. 

I like to think of this next tablescape phase as “the wings”. I have NO IDEA why I think this way, but it makes sense in my head… 🤔😜 the wings are what flows around the sides of your centerpiece and down to the ends of your table. So in other words- how you style your table runner.

Think also about balance. what you do to one side- do to the other! It doesn’t have to be identical. But should flow nicely. Would you want the wings on your plane to be “unlevel?” Or one side “heavier than the other?” I SURE HAS HECK WOULDNT! 😅 I’d be like, “get me off this crazy plane PRONTO!”

Sooooo think about that balance when working on your “centerpiece wings.” 

Next phase in your tablescape are the table settings. My favorite part! 

Now i’m fully aware I did nothing with silverware when I photographed my table. YIKES! But my focus was on the layering and centerpiece. ANNNYYY WAYYYSSSS 😳 moving on… 

When thinking about your table settings- think LAYERS.

Find a charger or placemat that you can use in every season. That was one of my pointers from an older blog post. I have two sets of chargers that I can use In ANY season. These can be used for Christmas, springtime, and even Summer time! That way you’re not wasting money when you really don’t need to. 

same applies to your dinnerware. I have ONE set of nice china that my moms been helping me collect since our wedding. i choose white because it too is easy to change out from season to season. plus i really dont see white China becoming outdated anytime soon. I’m sure when I’m old my kids will laugh at my boring white China because it’s just so “2016” 🙄

I love my guests to sit down and think, “oh I love the fun detail!” My mother set THE best tables growing up. So I learned early on to never leave a plate NAKED! My mother actually gifted these adorable leaf shaped salad plates to me and I about died when I saw them! 

You can shop the woven placemats by clicking here: Placemat

Salad plates here: Leaf plate

Adorable faux pumpkins here: Pumpkins

My China: Wedgwood signet platinum (which is on sale!)

So there ya have it, friends! Toy around with your table, get creative, use inspiration all around you (and Pinterest 😂 of course) and have fun! Also think about those “wings” and keep em” to scale. 


– ashley 



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