An elegant orange season

Dontcha know? Orange is the newwwww white! 

Ok… Kidding 

But as much as everyone loves neutral this and neutral that- Fall is all about soft, warm tones. Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 

So here’s a way you can incorporate orange without leaving your neutral decor “safe zone”. 

First and foremost find an orange you love. I found two orange pumpkins that I just adore. If you don’t like looking at it- chances are you’re not going to keep it up very long. 

Second: add a small pop of orange. Don’t go overboard especially if you’re a neutral lover like myself. 

For Example: 

I adore this sweet orange pumpkin. It’s soft and elegant and pretty easy to work with! As you can see I added just one orange pop to this already neutral inspired kitchen vignette.

Easy peasy, right? 


Throw some sweet pumpkins in a vase and top with a soft floral. Just a tiny pop of orange while walking into the kitchen. 

Next let’s talk about that fall, festive tablescape: 

By mixing orange and white I’m using those sweet orange pumpkins (found from homeGoods) as a just a tiny vibrant pop. (Yes those are real leaves and greenery! When in doubt- head outside with some scissors.)

Once again I’m playing off of an already neutral tablescape. 

When adding color- sometimes it’s easier to start off neutral and then work in the pops of color. 

If you’re still not sold on using orange pumpkins this season here’s how you can add in those warm fall tones all while still keeping that neutral “feel” 

I recommend playing with golds and some greenery. My gold leaf shaped salad plates from pier1 are the perfect addition and a perfect way to add warmth to your fall table without using orange. 

Same applies here: 

My sweet gilded white and gold pumpkin from pier1 was once again the perfect addition to an already neutral space. I also added in some warm foliage and pine cones to really bring out the “fall feel”. 

Over all. If you’re scared of orange and still want to create all the “fall feels” there’s still ways you can steer away from everything white by using gold tones.

But if you’re wanting to steer towards that classic orange harvest feel, you can obtain that by using orange as an accent piece rather than allowing that orange to take over your home. 

I hope you all get busy creating! 

Purchasing information: 

Woven placemat
Leaf salad plate
White faux pumpkins
White China
– Ashley 
@ashleysdecorspace_ on Instagram.


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