Halloween spiderscape 

Ok. So I’m so not the greatest decorator when it comes to Halloween. My mom used to go ALL OUT on our front steps growing up and there was one year when she dressed up as a witch with some seriously fearce makeup and pretended to be a… well witch and spooked all the neighborhood kids when she asked if they wanted some candy! Everyone thought she wasn’t real! 

Seriously she was the best! So I too decided to have a little fun! No, no I won’t be dressing up as a witch. But I did have a fun time playing with my dining room table!

First let me introduce you to my GOODWILL finds: 

Found these adorable and not to mention heavy- brass candlesticks! Payed $5.00 for them and I just can’t get over the fact that I found them! Just the perfect addition to my spooky… spider infested… tablescape. 

Ewww I hate spiders! So why not make a spider-scape? 

Right across the street from Goodwill was of course a party city store and all I wanted was a bag of tiny spiders (ick) and some webs! But then I saw these black roses… yep those were coming home with me. 

Once I got home and began putting my “spider-scape” together I ran into a small dilemma. 

I felt my candles were a weee bit too tall for photography once housed in my new brass candlesticks. So I got out a kitchen knife and chopped them down a bit. 

But as an outcome they wouldn’t sit in their homes! I’d begin taking a photo only to see a LIT candlestick beginning to topple over seconds away from falling into my faux spider webs. I can only imagine how quickly those light up! 😱

so I used an old trick I remember my mom doing when I was a kid. 

Wrap the bottom in just a little bit of paper towels and they’ll sit tightly in there. 

Lucky no webs were caught on fire during the making of this table scale 🙌🏻

Once my candle sticks stayed put I went on to my centerpiece. The larger pumpkin is in fact real (which is the only thing real on my table. Could you imagine if the spiders were real? YEP! BURN IT ALL DOWN!😱) 


But I just put some of my Joan fabric faux pumpkins from last season around my white pumpkin and then snagged a few webs from the pumpkins to the candlesticks. 

Everything was really easy and only a few bucks spent from the good will candlesticks, webs and spiders! 

I love how easy it is to change up a tablescape when you already have the “bones” which are China, chargers, and glasses! 

Seriously so easy!

I hope you’ll join me on this spooky Halloween and have a little fun! Break out of your neutral comfort zone and stuff yourself with candy, pumpkins, and and throw some (FAKE) spiders around your house. 

Happy Halloween! I hope you feel inspired by my spider-scape. Enjoy!

No spiders were hurt in the making of this tablescape. 


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