Keeping a Fresh smelling home with little ones

Good Morning & thank you for stopping by! 

So many friends, family and instagram followers ask me how I keep my home so clean with toddlers and the truth is- its not perfect. That’s THE first thing I must address with you. Life with two toddlers and working from home with two more toddlers makes for one sticky and unorganized house. The pictures you see on instagram are when our home is at its cleanest or when I’ve picked up a few squished crackers and kicked some toys to the side to get that perfect instagram photo.

But aside from that, there are habits I use DAILY to keep my home clean and smelling good.

Here is the list of things I do DAILY to keep my home fresh:

  1. Make the bed
  2. take laundry basket into laundry room and trash out of bathroom(s)
  3. tidy up couch pillows and throw blankets
  4. put dishes into dishwasher (hide the dirties!)
  5. wipe down the sink and counters
  6. put first load of laundry into washer
  7. sweep floors

I made 8 -10 BOLD because that is the number one thing I do to keep my home smelling fresh. Fall Is THE perfect time to have the windows open for 15-20 minutes (winter usually 10 minutes) I try to open a window in the front and a window in the back of the house so that the air flow is quick so that I can close them back up so we don’t all freeze!

Taking out the garbage after dinner and then again in the morning is the best thing you can do to keep your home smelling fresh.

I am a candle maniac but lets face it. Candles can get expensive! I have my favorite scents that I light from Antique Candle Works I usually light them in the AM for only about an hour or so and then I blow them out. I leave the lids off after blowing them out too so that the warm wax can continue filling the home with all the yummy scents. after we have lunch and I put the kiddos down for nap I light the candle again for a little bit to get the food smell out. By lighting them for shorter periods I’m able to get the most out of them. if you purchase good quality candles you don’t need them lit all the time and their delicious smell will stick around too! that’s why I adore Antique Candle Works. They’re legitimately good quality soy candles that not only smell amazing, but that can fill my entire home with the best of smells. when people come over I get THE best comments about the candle scent & friends asking what the candle scent is. Seriously they’re that GOOD. Plus they make the perfect gifts! You’ll have to check them out for yourself. 

candles are your friend. TRUST ME!

Next With kiddos in diapers:  TAKE THOSE THINGS OUT ASAP! Don’t even bag em’ and put them in the trash. I have a habit (maybe a bad habit) of putting them outside my front door behind a flower pot. I then take them to the garbage during nap time or later in the evening. Hey- don’t judge! it not only keeps my home smelling fresh but it also keeps the solicitors away. HA! 💩

With toddlers who tend to spill EVERYTHING and make a mess out of one innocent chocolate chip, teach them to;

  1. Eat at the table or designated area or
  2. if you see a spill do your best to conquer it right away. stains that sit too long, make for an odd smell in your home. trust me if you don’t catch them, they’ll come back to haunt you later. I always have a bottle of “spot shot” under my kitchen sink. This stuff is the BOMB. Takes me literally two seconds to clean up a spill.

I also make a habit of shampooing my own carpets once every 3 months. I usually only do the areas in which we frequent the most. like our greatroom. it realty doesn’t take long at all.

The other way im able to keep my home smelling fresh is to always wipe around the bathroom sinks with the towel and to wipe any icky stickies on the toilet right away. I always have a toilet brush under the sinks and try to fix those troubles areas before my toilets get stained & stinky. this of course doesn’t take the place of cleaning the bathrooms once a week. but it really helps to keep things fresh.

NEXT: this may not have anything to do with keeping a fresh home… but if you don’t have Time to furniture polish the dust away, it takes TWO seconds to get that dust away if you use one of these: 

A quick wipe down on the coffee table kicks those cracker crumbs’ tooshie! 

in conclusion:

  • tackle surface messes quickly (carpets and toilets)
  • Sweep the floors and vacume
  • take out the stinky garbage (especially if theres food in there)
  • air out your home
  • light a yummy candle
  • get those diapers OUT 

by making these your daily habits, I guarantee you’ll have a fresh home and will in turn trick your guests into thinking you’re super women with the cleanest home on earth (but they don’t really need to know there’s no such thing as a perfectly clean and organized home.)

Really though, its easy and only takes a few minutes out of your morning to freshen up.

If you’re headed out to work and don’t have the opportunity to do some of these things here’s what I’d recommend: 

  1. Open windows while you and the kids get ready for the day and 
  2. Take out the trash with you as you walk out the door in the morning.

It’s all doable and I promise! 

Thanks for reading. 😘

– Ashley 



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