Traditional Fall Tablescape

Why do we fear color so much? I myself am real quick to want “whites and grays.” But THIS season I decided to have fun exploring new Fall tablescapes. If you’ve been following along with my blog and instagram this season, you’ve seen all of my differing tablescapes. I’ve created lots of fall tablescapes, including a “spider-scape” I made for Halloween. You can view that spooky table by clicking HERE.

Now that we’re nearing November I have decided to really think about what I want my Fall tablescape to look like. I also wanted a centerpiece that was easy to remove because I LOVE when you sit down to eat with your loved ones and there before you is that deliciously scrumptious turkey. SO I needed a “removable centerpiece” I also didn’t want anything so tall that you can’t even see your guests!

Introducing my tablescape bones:

Foliage ✅

Something easy to remove ✅

My favorite faux pumpkins from Factory Direct Craft

And My GoodWill brass candle stick ✅

I chose that raised cutting board because I not only wanted my centerpiece to standout above everything else, but I also loved the fact that I could easily remove it to make way for the turkey. 

When using scented dried foliage, I recommend you keep the flames back a bit. I had a bit of a fire situation myself. It all happened so fast and all I can remember is picking up a leaf, running to the kitchen sink saying, “oh no! oh no! oh no!” But a little water and the smell of burnt paper and we’re all good. 😅 


Introducing my Fall ThanksGiving Tablescape equipped with removable centerpiece: 

You can shop those adorable leaf salad plates by clicking: Here

And my China: Here

My plan is to keep the small pumpkins,  foliage and candles and add in our scrumptious turkey along with drinks and some sides. We’ll use the buffed table for larger side items. 

My memories as a kid include everyone sitting at the table under delicious candle light, passing the bread and sides,  being able to see one another’s faces at the dinner table and feeling truly thankful. 

Enjoy your thanksgiving friends & thanks for reading! 


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