Piano painting

Chalk painted piano 

Good day, friends! 🙂 Today I’m sharing with you my own personal steps in painting my very first piano, as well as some of the speed bumbs I encountered along the way. 

If you haven’t heard of the @close5app you have GOT to check them out! You can download their free app on your phone as well as visit their Instagram account for daily inspiration from others who have found awesome things in using their app. Basically it’s an awesome app that allows you to shop and sell locally. You can choose how far you wish to hunt! Communication with sellers is easy-breezy as you’ll get a notification from the app letting you know someone is communicating back to you and/or making an offer. Plus all information is private! You can check them out by clicking here: 👉🏻 Close5App

I came across this amazing piano on their app and let me tell you… it was love at first sight! 

It was posted for 100.00 but the seller offered 50.00 had we come to pick it up that very day. Me being in love, I sent my husband to go pick it up! It may have taken him ALL. DAY. LONG. And may or may not have scratched the floor in the entry way, but it’s so incredibly WORTH IT! 🙈 plus it works beautifully outside of needing a tuning and pedal fix. Our sweet babies took a liking to it right away.

Ok. Now let’s get on with the paint talk! 

If you haven’t heard of chalk paint by now, you’re missing out on the easiest product in painting furniture. No need to sand people. (Well sometimes you have to but I’ve never sanded before chalk painting.) 

To me: chalk paint is chalk paint. Many prefer Anne Sloan brand but me being as cheap as I am, I have taken a liking to folk art chalk paint. I’ve used it on my daughters entire bedroom set and have even painted her dolly crib, dolly chairs and her step stool with folk art. Every time it has done the job just wonderfully. I’ve always purchased mine at Joan fabrics. You can find the paint by clicking here 👉🏻 Joanfabrics

The color I’ve used on the piano is “sheep skin white” 


Here’s what you’ll need: 

Painters tape is a MUST for around pedals, piano keys and any other areas that require a separation in paint. I decided I’d also make the face of my piano into a chalkboard. Therefore this painters tape was a MUST indeed. You’ll also see pictured a wax coat for afterwards to seal the paint. That too is a must. 

Another thing that I feel to be crucial is good quality paint brushes. I kept up with the brand and yet again used folk art. Both the paint brush and the wax brush are wonderful. I’ve heard that if you buy cheap brushes the bristles can come off onto your furniture causing a bit of a headache. You can find them by clicking here 👉🏻 Folk art brushes

Now onto the fun 

First and foremost clean your piano or furniture piece with a little soap and water. Make sure all the dusts gone! 

First I used chalk board paint (different from chalk paint) and began painting around the detailed area

I hope to write some fun musical quotes on it or let the kids take notes. ☺️

I did in fact use a regular paint brush for this even though a roller is recommended. I did this because 1) I had a lot of detail to focus on and 2) when I did use a roller it bubbled funny on this particular surface. So I stuck with a paint brush throughout and I used about 2 coats to start. We’ll come back to this soon! 

Next it was onto the chalk paint: 

Yes the chalk paint splattered a little bit onto the black board but that was a small lesson learned to myself and an easy touch up later on. The face of the piano pops off easily. So I took it off and painted it as well as the areas that open up on the piano. Gotta get into all the nook and crannies! 

I also want to tell you: 

Do not fear chalk paint! 

Use that paint brush to dig into all the details/corners of the piece you’re painting. 

That first coat is going to look horrendous any way. So twist and turn that brush coating the entire area. When you do this though- keep an eye out for any drips and spread them quickly. Chalk paint dries fast. If you do in fact encounter a drop later on- you can sand it down and apply another coat. 

Be sure to keep the lid on the chalk paint container so it doesn’t begin drying out before you’ve used it. I pour what I’m using into a plastic container and refil as necessary. 

I started with the easiest of areas and worked my way closer and closer towards the key board saving this tedious area for the last. 

When using chalk paint make sure you stick with one direction. Chalk paint can in fact show surface lines. 

You’ll see here that I’ve used between 1 and 2 coats depending on the area. Keep in mind this is only a photo of it being halfway competed. 

Once a couple coats were applied to the face of the piano that I had popped out- I went ahead and reattached it once it was dry. Then I moved onto taping around the keys. 😳

This is what I did. But if you’re clumsy with paint I recommend taping plastic or a garbage bag over the keys. Chalk paint may be easy to clean up as you can scratch it away, but if it sinks into the keys it may make things a little complicated to clean. 

I managed to get some on the pedal and my son took it amongst himself to clean it. 😂 

At this point I was able to remove the tape and use a small painters brush to really get into behind those keys. It may be tedious but so worth it! 

At this point in the game I ran out of paint (just this alone I only used two containers of folk art chalk paint!) so I decided I’d go ahead and fix up my black chalkboard. 

Now… When you’re painting an old furniture piece you may run into a small issue. Furniture from the 1930-40s is sometimes Coated and you may find that coating wanting to push through the chalk paint. If this happens do not fear! By applying clear shellac you can jump right back into painting again. I however was able to sand down those problem areas and apply another paint coat which worked great for me! 

Once you’re done painting you then apply your wax (I used clear) after applying the wax each section at a time I used a clean rag and buffed and rubbed my piano sealing it with all my might! This is when muscle arms come in. 😂 

I present to you my chalk painted piano: 

I hope you found this helpful! Now get going on painted your piano my friends! 🙆 

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