A “tree-less” Christmas tablescape

Hello friends! While my Christmas tree is naked… I decided to take a step away and challenge myself. Today I made a “tree-less tablescape”. As I began creating I thought to myself; How could I create a Christmas table that didn’t have the oh-so popular glittery Christmas trees and Christmas tree plates? How could I get my table to scream, “tis the season!” Without the use of trees or the color red?

How many times can I say, “Christmas” in one sentence is what I really want to know! Grammar isn’t my strong suit. 😉

Any ways… here’s what I came up with and I hope you like it! 

Let’s face it- if you’ve been following me for a while on Instagram you’re perfectly aware with the fact that my Tablescapes are forever changing. I enjoy creating and messing around with our dining room table during nap. The quiet house mixed with moving the same plate 3 times until it’s positioned juuuustt right, is relaxing to me. 🙄 really… it is. 

Sooo on I went trying to create a “treeless table”.  I wanted a cozy & warm Christmas table. Therefore I needed to light da place up! 

My husband always teases my family and I because we LOVE eating around a beautiful table in candlelight. He gets mad that he can’t see his food! So in order to please all of us- I went ahead and Lit up the dining room with an abundance of candles.

Check out your local dollar store to find the best deal on pillar candles! 

Instead of using glittery trees- I went with bells, birch, glitter balls and olive branches! And BAM I’ve conquered the treeless table. It still says, “tis the season”  but… that’s right… there’s no Christmas trees! We’ll see about my next holiday tablescape. I’m sure next week it’ll be a tree explosion.

Thanks for reading. 

Here’s a fun fact: 

This is completely normal when you’re a home decor blogger. Gotta get that perfect shot, ya know? 

Have a beautiful day. 

– ashley 

@ashleysdecorspace_ on Instagram. 


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