The Most Beautiful Candle

The holiday season is quickly approaching & with thanksgiving a thing of the past I know I myself am already thinking about gift ideas. Gift giving is NOT my strong suit. in fact I STRESS over the holiday because I know ill be gifted things that I completely swoon over from the moment I open them… and I quickly realize the gifts I gave out… Well… kinda stink!

But all “stinky” gifts aside; here’s the perfect idea this holiday season & IT ISNT STINKY!

In fact it smells delicious. 

If you’ve never heard of Flashpoint candles then you’re in for a real treat my friends. If you are thinking about gifting one of these beautiful muli-wick candles you may ponder keeping it for yourself! Let’s just say you better get two of them. Just in case… besides they’re having a wonderful black Friday sale! By using the code FRIDAY16 at your checkout, you’ll get 35% Off! (Valid from 11/25-11/28)

Their multi wick candles can get as large as 12-23 wick! 😱 can you imagine that illuminated on your dining room table this Christmas? Ok… you better get 3 of them… Just in case… ya know? I mean you have a coupon code and all. 💃🏼

I however chose the 6 wick white Saxon-with juniper cypress. What I love about these candles is that the pottery they’re poured into comes in a variety of designs and colors and each candle is unique! Not only do they smell and look amazing all lit up: but the pottery is reusable. My head is spinning thinking about all the fun vignette ideas I’ll have once mine is done. My daughter is only 4 and has more jewelry than I do! She may need this pottery for storage. 🙌🏻

I chose the juniper cypress because I wanted a fun & festive scent this holiday season. Let me just tell you… it’s amazing. It has just the perfect amount of evergreen topped with pops of juniper and cypress. Trust me when I tell you- it screams HAPPY HOLIDAY! 

I am truly picky when it comes to candles so take my word when I tell you how wonderful these candles are. 

You can shop my 6 wick candle by clicking here: Saxon white juniper 

Follow their Instagram here: Flashpoint Instagram they’re always posting the most inspiring candle photographs with cool ideas for their followers. 

Thank you sweet friends, for reading! 

– Ashley 

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