@TheRehabLife barn door DIY 

For weeks & weeks I invisioned a barn door in this space in our kitchen nook. The ceilings are extremely tall being it’s open to the great room and as an outcome this space felt cold, boring, and difficult to decorate. 


One day while the kids were napping I got online to see just how difficult a barn door would be to DIY and I came across THE best YouTube tutorial and I sent it to my husband right away. 

If you don’t follow @therehablife on Instagram than you’re in for a real treat! They have a YouTube channel full of DIY and they really break if down for you. I’m here to share with you our journey (well my hubbys journey) in creating a beautiful barn door for our kitchen nook using their easy-to-follow-DIY

You can find their Instagram by clicking HERE

Their YouTube channel HERE

This barn door tutorial HERE

I recommend you follow their YouTube tutorial over what I’ve listed below. 😂 

I also recommend you DONT do this: 

But definitely DO THIS: 

This things HEAVY! Thank you dad and hubs for your muscles so I didn’t have to drop the door my hubby worked so hard on. 😜😂
But annnyywayyysss Let’s begin! 


First and foremost everyone’s home is a little different so be sure to measure it out first to fit your space. For us- we had a large open arch area and had to factor in that our hallway entrance is taller than in most homes. 

But here’s the dimensions their YouTube channel used: 


36 1/4W by 84″ H


  • 6 1″x8″x8ft boards 
  • 3 1″x4″x8ft boards 
  • One pack of 11×4″ trim head screws 
  • Wood glue 
  • Wood filler 
  • Sanding block 
  • Stain of choice 
  • Polyurethane (clear) 

STEP 1: 

Measure & cut 1″x8″ 

  • 5 pieces 84″ long 
  • 3 pieces 29 1/4″ long 

Measure & cut 1″x4″ 

  • 2 pieces 84″ L 
  • And set aside 3rd board for later 

 We used poplar wood 


Take the 5 1″x8″x84″ pieces and arrange them side by side like so: 

And then Take the 2 1″x4″x84″ pieces and lay them on each side. ⤴️

Then Put wood glue on 1 of the 1″x4″s and put FLUSH on top of the 1″x8″ boards (you’re making a boarder) 

Repeat on both sides. 


Put wood glue on 1 of the 1″x4″s and put flush on top of the 1×8″ boards. Using your trim screws secure the 1×4″ to the 1×8″ and repeat. 

Once you’ve  finished the boarder- measure 34″ down from top of door pencil mark it and take the last 1×8″ and place it using the usual steps. 

  1. Glue 
  2. Place 
  3. Screw 

screw 4 screws in EACH of the 1×8″ beams 

Now you can begin the X (you’re almost done!) 

  • Take the 1″x4″ and lay diagnally across bottom 1/2 of door. then using your pencil make a line across 1×4″ matching the angle of the wood. 
  • Once you do this- make the cuts 

Repeat the usual: 

  1. Glue 
  2. Place 
  3. Screw 

Repeat until you have made your X 

  • Once you’ve made your door: fill in the holes using your wood filler. 
  • Once the filler is dry sand front and back of door 
  • Stain to your preference 
  • Once completely dry apply your poly 

And then you’re done! (Happy dance!) 

Barndoor hardware can get very pricey. I recommend shopping around before making your decision on the hardware. 

We got ours from Lowes but I also recommend you take a look at 

And here’s the one we where my hubby purchased ours from: 

Lowes barndoor hardware kit 

I have yet to finish the kitchen nook after selling our old table. But fingers crossed I can talk him into doing a little more DIY 😜
Thanks for reading! 

– ashley

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