Winter wonderland table

Neutral winter wonderland table scape

Hi everyone!


This Christmas season I’ve really taken a liking to keeping my home décor neutral. Last Christmas I incorporated a lot of blues and this season I decided to go white, gold and silver.


I have a lot of red Christmas décor that I haven’t taken out of the garage this year BECAUSSSEEEE… Well… my pillows are really summery and I have yet to make pillow cases for them. All I see is an explosion of summery blue versus festive red. SOOOO next Christmas plan on seeing a cozy red Christmas in our home!

But who doesn’t love neutral? I mean honestly- you cant go wrong!

I created a very neutral table this season. BUT To keep it from falling into the “boring neutral” category I used a lot of glitter to give it that “WOW” a Christmas table should have.

Introducing my Winter-Wonderland- Neutral- Table scape:


After decorating my great room Christmas tree I had a few of my gold “picks” left over and decided to lay them on top of my table runner. just to add a fun pop of detail.

You all know how obsessed I am with my large glass drop vase. Every season I fill it with SOMETHING and every season i appreciate it more and more. I mean the possibilities are endless! This season i popped in a candle and topped it off with some sparkly ornaments.


Since creating this table I have housed that adorable drop vase in our kitchen. Its just one of those pieces that makes me happy whenever I look at it. So I placed it in the most used space in our home. 


These little silverware socks were also one of my FAVORITE Christmas accessories last season and once again they’ve stolen my heart. You can find them from PinkSlipInspiration on instagram.

What’s even greater is the fact that she’s offering my sweet followers 15% off by using the code: MERRY at your checkout. I love how versatile they are. I may stick em’ on my Christmas tree too!  Plus I can use them time and time again being they can be paired with virtually any color. They are just one of those items that I will use and appreciate year after year.

I hope ive inspired you to get busy creating! I also hope you’ll pop on over and follow me on instagram if you found my blog post via Pinterest! AshleysDecorSpace_

thanks for stopping by!

– Ashley





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