Oil painting display 

There is nothing more unique than a good quality oil painting. In fact it’s so unique that no one piece of art is the same. Which makes it so unbelievably special! One of a kind.

I’m here to talk a little bit about Jose Trujillo and his beautiful art and what to think about when purchasing an oil painting yourself!

First and foremost

  • Don’t always purchase an oil painting because you want it to match perfectly with your home decor. Get it because YOU enjoy it. Does the painting speak to you? What story is it telling you? Why do you like it? If you’re anything like me- our decor style changes constantly so you’ll want to make sure you purchase it because you ENJOY it. 

Which brings me to my next point: 

  • Get a painting that you’ll want to enjoy LOOKING at daily. With a painting you enjoy you will never tire of it.
  • Plan where you’ll put your painting before purchasing and make sure it’s in a place that needs a pop or a space in which it can be seen and enjoyed. 
  • Before you even receive your painting give it a couple options of where you’ll house it. Plan for it!

Now I’m no art expert what-so-ever but What Ive noticed about jose’s art and what I truly love about it is that his paintings differ greatly from one piece to the next. So no matter your taste or personality- you’ll have so many options to choose from and each are beautiful and unique all in their own. 

When Jose sent me this gorgeous oil painting I knew of a few areas in which I wanted to display it and I made sure that the space I would house it; would be in an area that not only needed a “pop” but where it could be enjoyed daily. I’ve already gotten so many comments on it from friends and family when they walk in. Saying things like, “I love that painting! Where is it from?!” And I love that it’s displayed where others can also enjoy it too.

I’ve played around with it and wanted to share a couple art display ideas with you- if you’re thinking about incorporating real art into your home too! 

Like I said before- I planned to put it into places that I knew needed a pop and where it could be enjoyed by everyone. 

Jose is a modern painter who uses an abstract/impressionalost style and he uses both old and new techniques within his art. What I adored about his work is not only that when I received my painting it came framed and protected. But I LOVE all the colors, the detail and the quality. He is truly a talented artist. 

You can check out jose’s art by clicking HERE 

His Instagram page HERE

I hope you’ll take a look at his beautiful work because he creates just the most beautiful art and his enjoyment and talent most definitely shines through everything he creates. 

Have a wonderful day &  thank you so much for stopping by! 

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