Cheat your way to a fluffy bed

Ok. We’ve all been to pottery barn or pinterest and were like, “dang that bed looks cozy!” then you go home to try and recreate it only to realize your bed is not as “poufy” as those fancy beds you fell in love with.

And let’s face it- there’s also that thing called a BUDGET…

So if you’re like me and wanted to update your space on a budget AND make it poufy, then welcome!

Photo May 23, 2 02 44 PM.jpg

I wanted to go neutral and fresh in our master bedroom. What I love about white bedding is the fact that you can easily switch-it-up for the season. I can easily go from winter pillows/décor to spring and summer. I did so this season by adding in these floral pillows from @pillomatic.

Now lets talk bedding: This white comforter is from WAYFAIR and it is extremely affordable. However being it was affordable it wasn’t as poufy as I would have hoped. I also by no means planned on sleeping with white bedding. the last thing I wanted to do was wash this thing more than I had the patience for. It was purchased for the “pretty”. 

I thought about getting a duvet cover BUT I have one in the guest room and after cleaning it, it takes much longer to put back on than this mama has the time and patience for. 

I’ve linked my comforter here: White comforter

My quilt here: Quilt

now lets talk about layers.

Photo May 23, 8 49 15 PM 1) you have your sheet(s) layer

2) and 3) consist of your quilt and my (SECRET POUFY TOOL)

4) consists of that beautiful and affordable comforter from wayfair

5) bring on the pillows!

let me introduce you to my secret tool…

are you ready?!

I bet you’re dying with anticipation. Meet mrs blue 😁

Photo May 23, 2 24 43 PM

Ok let me explain here:

Mrs. Blue is cozy and well cared for. infact if you’ve followed me long enough on Instagram then you know that this bedding used to be photographed before I updated to white. she is my secret poufy tool.

we sleep with this blanket. therefore I added her into our bedding like a quilt. folded her back and then added on the layers.

Photo May 23, 2 25 10 PM.jpg

From this point  I fold her halfway, I then fold the white quilt atop it.

From here I throw on my white comforter from wayfair:

Photo May 23, 2 28 53 PM.jpg

and fold it back too! so there is a total of THREE FOLDS!

Art above bed can have found here: Sunburst art


Photo May 23, 2 22 48 PM.jpgI know what you’re thinking, “who has time to do this madness?” but to be honest it takes me three minutes to make the bed. and I get the “pouf” I had hoped for all while keeping my white bedding…. white!

Before I close this out I have to remind you to BRING ON THE PILLOWS:

Photo May 23, 2 10 40 PMPhoto May 23, 2 06 01 PMPhoto May 23, 2 02 44 PM

So there you have it! there various ways to fluff your bed. I personal use layers! You can also achieve a pouf by either folding your bed in half like I do- or into thirds and leaving it at the foot of your bed for a luxury hotel look. Whatever way you chose- play around with it!

thanks for reading!

~ Ashley @ashleysdecorspace_





4 thoughts on “Cheat your way to a fluffy bed

  1. I love shopping for bedding but like my husband says, ‘we could have taken a trip to Europe for all the money I’ve spend on bedding’. It’s true I’m always looking for the next best thing in comfort that looks good so love your tips.


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