Starting an Instagram decor page

Alrighty friends… Believe it or not I had an Instagram page when my home was being built called “MyHouseAdventures”. Initially I created it to share photos of our homes progress for close friends and family. In doing that I stumbled up this unique Instagram community. 

After following some of my favorite feeds I decided i too wanted to start getting involved. Why not?! 

So I opened my page up to the public eye. Within a couple of days I began getting followers and people commenting nice things and… Well… I panicked! 😱 

So i deleted it. 

But once our home was completed, the pictures were hung and it started to become home… I decided to just GO FOR IT! It looked like so much fun.

Then @Mydecorspace_ was created…

Which I now named, “@AshleysDecorSpace_” because it’s just a better fit. Plus I wanted to match my blog name. 

If you’re wanting to start your own decor page- here’s a few tips and things you should know before getting started! 

  • Make sure your photos are “in sync” with one another. If someone goes to your page, they should know right away what you’re all about and what your design style is. In other words they’ll be more quick to follow. For example when entering my feed you’re usually greeted with bright sunny colors and blues. 
  • Post mainly decor related items. Sometimes it’s a major turn off to followers if your posting about your home ON TOP of your personal business OR other personal things. Try, if you can, to separate the two! For some- this works and doesn’t hurt their Instagram success. But it’s said you should blog solely about one thing. 
  • Use hashtags to grow. Even if you’re slapping about 20 of them onto your photo. Any way to get your name out there. I still use simple hashtags like, “#whitekitchen” because a regular person may use that hashtag and click on it to be inspired and as an outcome- stumble upon your feed! Not everyone knows of all the hashtag challenges going on. Heck I can barely keep up myself! 
  • Make friends. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. And Just because someone may have a lot of followers- doesn’t mean their SO amazing they’re untouchable. 😅 
  • always know followers are going to come and go and that’s just life! You gain some- you lose some. 
  • When posting a decor photo of your home, get a little personal so your followers get to know you a bit! I’m not saying tell them your address and social security information 😂 BUT just talk about your day! Your followers are following you for your decor inspiration and also because they like you! 
  • Ask questions in your posts: “I love this tray from Home Goods. Do you have a favorite tray?…” I learned engagement is the key to gettin to know who is following you! 
  • Apparently it’s the Instagram dream to have tons of followers and be only following like 200 people. 😂 my following number is climbing and I don’t mind a bit! That just means you’re making friends and open to inspiration. Who cares about that number?! Honestly don’t.
  • If you’re starting a page you DONT NEED to buy all the “things” to play in a hashtag challenge. I purchase items that can be moved from room to room and styled every season. In other words- floater decor pieces are your friend!
  • Brighten up your photos to get the best out of your posts. I use an I-phone to take my photos unfortunately but I definitely use a little Instagram editing here and there. I phones don’t do our photos justice! 



And lastly HAVE FUN! Don’t worry about followers coming and going. Don’t worry that your homes not good enough and don’t compare your style to other feeds. Just be yourself and I guarantee your followers will love you for it! 

I hope this helps anyone interested in joining this amazing and unique Instagram community. 

Have a wonderful day! 

– Ashley 


5 thoughts on “Starting an Instagram decor page

  1. You are one of the first decor feeds I started following and fell in love with! Your posts seemed real and beautiful at the same time. 🙂 It’s hard not to compare my feed to others but there is only so much I can do (money doesn’t grow on trees) and I enjoy sharing my home with others! ~ @tablefor5please


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